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Happy Thanksgiving

My postings have been rather sporadic, but since my focus on this blog is movies, this is a good day to recommend the best of all Thanksgiving movies.  Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving has not inspired many movies, but one truly good one is Alice’s Restaurant.

Based on the song of the same name by Arlo Guthrie (and making it one of the best song-to-movie adaptations ever), Alice’s Restaurant is essentially the story of the lives of some hippies including Guthrie himself.  Only part of the movie actually takes place on Thanksgiving, but it is a key part.

What makes this movie stand out for me – besides its Thanksgiving theme – is that unlike many movies made in that same era (the late 1960s), this movie actually portrays the hippies as human beings.  Most movies at that time – particularly those of the more “establishment” studios – tended to treat hippies as stereotypes, usually brain-dead, drug-addled sorts who spouted off empty slogans.

What’s the movie about?  Plot-wise, not much, just a series of typically comic adventures of the group.  But it’s a good depiction of the era, and a good Thanksgiving film.


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